Performance Guarantees

As your trusted partner during the job action event, U. S. Nursing is the only travel nursing agency to guarantee delivery of experienced nurses at the start of the stoppage.

Along with guaranteeing delivery of experienced healthcare professionals to continue patient care, USN will ensure quality metrics are met throughout the job action.

USN will safeguard your specialty units during the duration of the strike. Our diverse database of hard-to-recruit specialty nurses includes credentialed RNs and non-RNs in all 50 states:

Super Specialty:

L&D, NICU, PICU, CVOR, Endo, Chemo, Cath Lab/EP


ED, CVICU, Tele, PACU, Peds, MB/PP

Non Specialty:

Med Surg, Psych

Non RN, Tech:

Rad, Mammo, U/S, MRI, ORT, CSP, Lab, RT