• …the relief staff you provided were skilled, service-oriented, positive and highly flexible.

    Assistant Chief Nursing Officer
  • Wanted to express my personal and professional thanks to your team for all your efforts during our recent 22 day labor interruption. Despite repeated short-notice direction, you all did a remarkable job of providing us with excellent relief staff.

    Assistant Chief Nursing Officer
  • Working with you and your staff made a difficult situation not only tolerable but hopeful that we could be business as usual.

    Vice President, Operations
  • We have had physicians ask if we can hire your staff.

    Vice President, Operations
  • Your staff have been great to work with! The nursing staff have been highly complimented by my medical and nursing staff and we are so thankful for your support.

    Vice President, Operations
  • Your skill, professionalism and positive attitude was appreciated by all ... You helped us survive not only the strike, but also perhaps the busiest month of the year without any major hitches. Indeed, in many ways I believe you elevated the standard of care by the extraordinary display of teamwork and commitment to the job at hand.

    Professor and Clinical Service Chief, Minnesota
  • We retained U.S. Nursing Corporation as an insurance policy to address our first priority of maintaining uninterrupted service to our patients and the communities we serve ... Our experience with U.S. Nursing Corporation was very positive. I would certainly recommend their service to any hospital facing a potential job action.

    Hospital Chief Operating Officer, Michigan
  • Strikes in healthcare are worrisome and stressful events. Your efficiency and experience enabled us to provide a smooth transition and continue to give the excellent patient care that we pride ourselves on providing to our community.

    Chief Medical Officer, California
  • U.S. Nursing Corporation was professional, well prepared, sensitive to how our organization had operated in the past, and appreciative of the issues we would face during a protracted strike timeframe.

    Hospital President, Washington, D.C.