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CA Sutter Pre-Orientation

Congratulations on your upcoming assignment in Northern California scheduled to commence April 23, 2024.

USN and our partner facility would like to thank you for your service and commitment by agreeing to work this strike assignment.

Pre-orientation curriculum via online learning is required to work this strike assignment and is to be completed prior to traveling to California.

Healthcare Professionals will be paid an educational rate that equals 1/2 of the strike pay per hour to complete the pre-orientation curriculum. For example, if you are assigned a position with a strike pay rate of $50.00, you will be paid an education pay of $25.00 per hour to complete your pre-orientation curriculum.

The estimated time to complete the pre-orientation curriculum is 2 hours. Spending more time on the curriculum than the estimated time indicated will not be paid without the express authorization of USN.

Please follow the steps outlined below to complete your pre-orientation curriculum prior to traveling to California.

Once completed, you will be asked to sign an attestation indicating completion of all required reading. Signing the USN Pre-Orientation Attestation is required to be paid for time spent completing the curriculum outline in steps one and two.

Required Steps for Completion

Step 1 | General Orientation Packet

Please click the link below to review the required General Orientation Packet. Watch all videos embedded in the orientation packet: • Preventing Injury from Slips, Trips and Falls (pg. 11) • Stryker Evacuation Chair (pg. 13) • Workplace Violence (pg. 25) • Infection Prevention & Control (pg. 43)

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Step 2 | Rights for Individuals in Mental Health Facilities Handbook

Please click the link below to review the required Rights for Individuals in Mental Health Facilities Handbook. Following the reading, you will complete the Attestation of Completion in step three.

Step 3: Attestation of Completion

The electronic signing of this DocuSign document is a required to ensure you have completed all required reading and completed all testing listed in steps one and two. Very Important: We are unable to pay for time spent completing steps one and two without a signed Attestation.