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Preparing for a possible strike

The threat of a healthcare strike can ripple through hospitals, potentially disrupting patient care and impacting the broader community. Since 1989, USN has been steadfast in our commitment to bridging the gap during labor disputes. Our mission is to collaborate with healthcare facilities to deliver comprehensive, turnkey solutions in these challenging times. Our record speaks for itself, having staffed or help avert the majority of all healthcare labor disputes nationwide.

Should your facility be in the process of preparing for an impending contract renewal, contemplating the likelihood of a work stoppage or has already received a strike notice, USN is poised to swiftly respond. Our team is well-equipped to quickly assess the situation, provide immediate guidance and implement practical solutions.

But we don’t just stop at providing top-tier healthcare staff. We also offer executive onsite support throughout the event, ensuring you stay abreast of any changes, strategic developments and internal communications.

USN is more than a partner; we are your all-in-one solution. From full operational staffing, transportation and logistics to consultation and leadership, we provide a holistic approach to labor disruptions. By choosing USN, you're not just securing assistance during labor disputes; you're ensuring the continuity of uninterrupted patient care and safeguarding your community's well-being.

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Our Legacy, Your Advantage

30+ years of experience navigating the national strike landscape

400+ job action engagements

Quality patient care from experienced healthcare professionals

90+ years of combined experience in USN executive leadership team

220+ clients nationwide with 24,287 beds managed

49,000+ replacement personnel deployed

Unique strategies for various length strikes, from 1 day to indefinite

All-inclusive pricing, personalized for each client

Knowledgeable with regulators: DOH, TJC, BON, state laws

Longstanding experience managing different environments – Urban/major city, suburban, rural, community, academic

Strategic planning for any size facility

Expert Strategic Consultation

For more than 30 years, USN has been a trusted partner to hospital leaders across the nation, providing expert counsel during both potential and actual work stoppages. With combined experience of more than 90 years, our leadership team possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in vital areas like labor relations, strike preparation, clinical management and logistical planning.

Our diverse team includes seasoned clinicians experienced in designing effective staffing strategies that cover a broad spectrum of units and specialties. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges each specialty presents, we ensure our strategies are not only robust but also flexible, able to adapt to evolving needs and unforeseen circumstances.

But our partnership isn't limited to times of labor unrest. Even when labor negotiations are progressing smoothly, USN can provide invaluable support. If your union relationship is solid, we can help keep the lines of communication open with key stakeholders, thus ensuring work continuity and minimizing the potential for work stoppages. With USN by your side, you can confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

Contingency Planning

We understand that labor negotiations can often trigger a cascade of "what-if" situations, presenting hospital leaders with a complex array of scenarios to navigate. Given the unpredictability of the strike landscape, USN offers a multitude of strategic options for consideration during union dialogues.

Our expert team is also on hand to provide insightful guidance to administrators on handling labor notices, interim planning, and designing staffing scenarios to accommodate various notice timelines. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of healthcare dynamics, we can predict potential bottlenecks and provide solutions that ensure operational continuity even in the face of challenging situations.

We firmly believe that hospitals armed with comprehensive planning can negotiate from a position of strength, ready for any work stoppage eventuality. Let USN equip you with an unrivaled contingency plan, ensuring you're prepared for whatever the future holds.

Onsite Operation Management

USN understands that during job actions, situations can evolve rapidly, and staying abreast of these changes is paramount. Our seasoned executive staff will be present onsite throughout the work stoppage, ensuring that we remain updated on all strike-related developments in real-time.

Our dedicated USN team will execute a series of pivotal actions to guarantee the seamless integration of qualified healthcare professionals, such as:

  • Utilizing digital check-in methods for all arriving staff to streamline the process

  • Accelerating onboarding and orientation to ensure immediate productivity

  • Maintaining individual records for all incoming personnel for easy reference

  • Verifying licensure and credentialing for all healthcare workers to maintain quality standards

  • Conducting daily check-ins and ensuring instant communication of updates or notifications to keep all parties informed

  • Coordinating ground transportation schedules and assembly to facilitate smooth transitions

  • Assisting with workplace integration to foster a cohesive working environment

  • Providing daily reports to hospital executives to ensure transparency and effective cooperation

With USN at the helm, you can rest assured that all operational aspects of your healthcare facility will continue to function efficiently, even during challenging times.

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

In the face of a strike notice – be it a 1-day, 5-day, 10-day or indefinite notice – USN stands ready to deliver an immediate, comprehensive solution for any healthcare organization across the United States.

We're equipped with an extensive database of experienced healthcare professionals who can be rapidly mobilized and credentialed. Our team ensures these professionals are fully prepared, orientated and scheduled, ready to step in during a labor disruption.

Handling all aspects of recruitment, credentialing, travel and accommodations for replacement staff, our team allows your hospital personnel to focus on local matters during the job action. With USN, you gain a partner that provides holistic solutions, ensuring uninterrupted healthcare delivery even during challenging circumstances.

Performance Guarantee

As your trusted partner during the job action event, USN stands out as the only strike staffing agency that guarantees delivery of seasoned clinicians at the beginning of the stoppage.

Beyond ensuring the continuity of patient care with experienced healthcare professionals, USN is committed to meeting quality metrics throughout the duration of the job action, thereby maintaining the high standards of your healthcare services.

USN will safeguard your specialty units for the entire period of the strike. Our comprehensive database includes hard-to-recruit specialty clinicians, encompassing credentialed RNs and non-RNs from all corners of the country.

With USN, you can rest assured that your hospital's performance and reputation are safeguarded, even in the face of challenging labor scenarios.

Ready to leap into action

No matter the situation, USN is here to help you see it through. With decades of experience in planning and logistics, we not only provide highly skilled clinicians to provide seamless patient care, we support facility leaders through every phase and 'what if' along the way.

Have a plan in case a work disruption happens - contact us for an advanced planning consultation to learn more about how USN can support your organization's care.

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A Full Range of Flexible Solutions at your Fingertips

As part of the Ingenovis Health family of brands, U.S. Nursing is one of eight industry leaders working together to bring a fresh perspective to every organization we partner with—creating a different way to deliver healthcare talent.

Through shared service methodologies, deep established relationships and efficient technology optimization, the collective breadth and strength of the Ingenovis Health brands offers create new solutions to the challenges facing your healthcare organization today.

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