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About Us

Since 1989, USN has been successfully supporting organizations in serving their communities, and providing continuous and quality patient care.

We strive to maintain unrivaled opportunities, so our nurses are the first to succeed in their career. As a commitment to the success of our travel nurses, we provide free educational opportunities; they can brush up on previously acquired skills, or learn something new. USN understands that nurturing nurses, and their skills, is key to growing the knowledge that is the basis of continuous quality care.

Over the last 30 years, USN has grown to become a premier staffing partner, providing urgent and crucial temporary nurses to hospitals in need while offering our nurses the highest pay in the industry. We partner with many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious healthcare facilities – as well as small community hospitals – to meet acute staffing needs and provide round-the-clock, unparalleled patient care.

Benefits of USN

  • 25+ years of experience navigating the national strike landscape

  • 90+ years of combined experience in USN executive leadership team

  • All-inclusive pricing

  • 300+ Job Action Engagements

  • 216+ clients nationwide with 24,287 beds managed

  • 22,235 replacement personnel successfully recruited

  • Longstanding experience managing different environments – Urban/major city, suburban, rural, community, academic

  • Quality patient care from experienced nurses ready to hit the ground running

  • Knowledgeable with regulators: DOH, TJC, BON, State laws

  • Unique strategies for various length strikes: 1 day, 5 day, indefinite

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U.S. Nursing is owned and operated by Ingenovis Health

Ingenovis Health combines the power of industry-leading staffing firms and innovative technology to advance delivery of critical healthcare clinicians to systems nationwide. We create an ecosystem where clinicians can grow, thrive and deliver the best patient care.

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