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Empowering Healthcare Excellence Since 1989

For more than 30 years, USN has been a game-changer in healthcare, working hand-in-hand with facilities and healthcare professionals to ensure uninterrupted care during labor disputes.

No matter the challenge, USN offers tailored, cost-effective solutions. Whether you need strategic planning for potential work stoppages or end-to-end support in recruiting, credentialing and execution during labor disruptions, our experienced team has you covered. Trust USN to keep healthcare running smoothly when it matters most.

Case Studies

Dive into success stories of organizations that have partnered with USN to manage work stoppages.

USN Delivers Uninterrupted Care from Crisis Staffing to Holiday Work Stoppage

A northern California hospital system, engaged with USN for advance planning of an expected work stoppage, was experiencing incredibly complex staffing challenges due to the trifecta of high volumes driven by RSV, influenza and COVID-19.

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Partners for the Duration: A Clinical Point of View

When USN was notified of an approaching work stoppage at an East Coast hospital, preparations began quickly under a constrained planning timeline for a run-of-the-mill five-to-ten-day nursing strike. It became apparent early on that the stoppage would be anything but ordinary.

A Year in the Life of  USN

2019. Thirteen health care systems. More than 6,800 nurses and allied health professionals deployed in 83 facilities. Four different states, varying licensing requirements. USN, industry leader in providing work stoppage coverage for large and small healthcare systems for more than 30 years, covered it all in an unprecedented year of labor unrest.

USN Fulfills in 24-Hours on the Eve of New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve 2019 was dedicated to fulfilling the critical last-minute needs of a major healthcare system with a difficult staffing shortage. Answering the call without delay, USN mobilized to fill the total order in 24 hours, and client preparation was the key.


Discover the latest trends, best practices and strategic advice to thrive in the ever-changing healthcare labor disruption landscape.

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White Papers

Explore comprehensive white papers that present expert analysis and strategic guidance, based on years of leading experience in labor disruption and work stoppages.

The Importance of Preparing for a Potential Work Stoppage

In the wake of a pandemic that tossed healthcare organizations into a tailspin, tensions between hospital workers and administration appear to be at an all-time high.

COVID Response - Executive Interviews

Explore these insightful interviews to better understand the impact the pandemic had on healthcare and the remarkable efforts taken to protect and heal communities.

Q & A with Christie Potter, U.S. Nursing Vice President