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EXAMPLE Pre-Orientation Information Page

Congratulations on your upcoming assignment!

U.S. Nursing and our partner facility would like to thank you for your service and commitment by agreeing to work this assignment.

Please follow the steps outlined below to complete your pre-orientation curriculum prior to your assigned in-person orientation. Spending more time on the curriculum than the estimated time indicated will not be paid without the express authorization of U.S. Nursing.

Once completed, you will be asked to sign an attestation. Signing the attestation is required to be paid for time spent completing all of the steps.

Step 1 - Required watching of facility videos based on your specialty

Please locate your specialty below to begin watching the required videos for your specialty. You will need to watch the video in its entirety.

ED Video

Watch Now



There are no required videos for OR or ONCOLOGY– please proceed to Step 2

Step 2 | Review of Policies and Other Facility Documentation.

Click on each link to review each policy and/or document in its entirety.

ABC Hospital Culture

Estimated time to complete is 10 minutes

Read Here

ABC Hospital Policy

Estimated time to complete is 20 minutes.


Estimated time to complete is 30 minutes.

Patient Care Procedures

Estimated time to complete is 30 minutes.

Patient Fall Risk

Estimated time to complete is 30 minutes.

EMR Example

Estimated time to complete is 5 minutes.

PICC Insertion

Estimated time to complete is 15 minutes.

Pre-Learning Packet

Estimated time to complete is 165 minutes.

Final Steps...

Step 3 |  Quiz

Complete this 25-question RAD Test. Take the multiple-choice test based on your review of the orientation packet.

Step 4 | Attestation

The electronic signing of a Right Signature document is a two-step process. Once you have signed and submitted the Attestation in Right Signature, you will receive a second email requiring you to confirm the document. Click the Confirm button to complete the submission process. Very important - We are unable to pay for time spent to complete any pre-learning without a signed Attestation.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email or text (720) 923-1906. (Please do not call, this is a text line only.)