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Orientation - New York

Congratulations on your upcoming assignment

Please follow these steps to complete your pre-orientation curriculum prior to your assigned in-person orientation.

Step 1: Watch the facility videos based on your specialty

Step 2: Review policies and other facility specific documentation

Step 3: Take the multiple-choice test based on your review of the orientation packet

Step 4: Your signature confirming you have completed Steps 1-3.

*This is required for completion credit of your pre-orientation curriculum. 

Step 1

Please watch the required videos for your specialty. You will need to watch the video in its entirety.
  • ICU


  • Oncology


Step 2

Review each policy and/or document in its entirety.
  • <Policy 1>

  • <Policy 2>

  • <Policy 3>

Step 3

Complete this 25-question RAD Test
  • Start Test<Link>

Step 4

Confirm you have completed this orientation by signing via the link below
  • Sign Now <Link>

Note: We are unable to pay for time spent to complete any pre-learning without a signed confirmation 

Please email if you have any questions.