Nurse FAQ

General Job Action Assignment Information

How will I be notified of a job action assignment?

If U.S. Nursing is actively preparing for a job action, a recruiter will call, text, or email you with details. Once a notice is received, U.S. Nursing will text and email all current candidates on the grid with an update.

Also, our website is updated regularly with any current job actions.

What do I need to bring to my assignment?

You will need to carry a copy of your complete file with you to every assignment. This should include copies of your current certifications and your current licenses. Any other items that will be needed will be designated once you receive your agreement letter. 

Can I request a specific shift, such as working only days?

A recruiter will capture your shift preference during the recruiting process. While U.S. Nursing will do their best to honor your shift request, we cannot guarantee shift requests and ask that you be flexible in your assignment.

What is the average length of an assignment?

A majority of the job actions have a 60-hour commitment. However, each job action is different and requires flexibility as it relates to time and length commitment.

How will I be informed of my schedule at a strike assignment?

This will be communicated once you arrive onsite during the induction process.

Can I work both strike and travel assignments?

Yes. We encourage you to work both U.S. Nursing and Fastaff assignments. Choosing to work a travel assignment between job actions also helps to ensure your benefits remain intact.

Do you offer a 401(k) retirement plan?

Yes, we want to help our nurses plan for the future, so we offer the best 401(k) program in the industry.

401(k) Eligibility Conditions: You will be eligible to participate for purposes of matching contributions when you have completed one (1) Period of Service and have attained age 21.  However, you will actually participate in matching contributions once you reach the Entry Date.

Matching Contribution: The Employer may make a discretionary matching contribution equal to a uniform percentage or dollar amount of your elective deferrals each Plan Year.  Each year, the Employer will determine the formula for the discretionary matching contribution.

100% Vested Contributions: You are always 100% vested (which means that you are entitled to all of the amounts) in your accounts attributable to the following contributions:

  • Elective deferrals including catch-up contributions
  • Rollover contributions

Matching Contributions: Your "vested percentage" in your account attributable to matching contributions is determined under the following schedule. You will always, however, be 100% vested in your matching contributions if you are employed on or after your Normal Retirement Age or if you terminate employment on account of your death, or if you terminate employment as a result of becoming disabled. 

Vesting Schedule | Matching Contributions

Years of Service Percentage
Less than 1 0%
1 25%
2 50%
3 100%

2014 Contributions: Employee may contribute up to $17,500; Age 50 and over may contribute up to an additional $5,500.

Plan Administered By: Bank of Oklahoma Financial with a diverse selection of investment options.

* Company sponsored 401(k) and employee participation in program subject to ERISA guidelines

Do you offer referral bonuses for bringing in new nurses?

Yes! We offer unlimited referral bonuses. For every nurse you refer who is not in our current database and completes a U.S. Nursing assignment, we'll pay you a minimum of $500 (in some cases more). Contact a strike team member for more details.

Travel and Housing

Who will make my travel and housing arrangements?


The U.S. Nursing Housing and Travel department coordinates air transportation to and from your assignment. Once you accept your offer for the assignment, our team begins to book your travel arrangements. A U.S. Nursing representative will then reach out to you to inform you of your itinerary or your it will be emailed to your directly.


If you choose to drive to your assignment, U.S. Nursing will calculate mileage based on your home address. This will be reimbursed on your first paycheck. 

Do you provide transportation from the hotel to the strike facility?

U.S. Nursing provides a courtesy shuttle to and from the facility for each shift. You also have the option to transport yourself to the facility for the work stoppage. If choosing to do so, you must check in with a U.S. Nursing representative once arriving at the facility for each shift.

How far in advance do I need to arrive at an assignment before starting work?

Travel dates for each job action will be indicated during the recruiting period.

Am I allowed to travel with my spouse, even if he/she is not working the assignment?

Since housing is often limited during a job action we do not house other family members or pets (service animals are acceptable with appropriate documentation and prior approval from U.S. Nursing).