Nurse FAQ

General Job Action Assignment Information

How will I be notified of a job action assignment?

We will notify you once we receive notice that the strike is going to take place, usually ten days prior to assignment start date. A strike team member will either call or e-mail you if you hold a license in that state, or if we are having a licensing program and can help you obtain a license quickly. You may also check our website regularly for updates.

What do I need to bring to my assignment?

You will need to carry a copy of your complete file with you to every assignment. This should include copies of your current certifications and your current licenses. We also recommend that you bring scrubs, a credit card, cell phone, $200 cash, and ATM card for your own convenience.

Can I request to work in a specific area at the hospital?

Yes, however, for job action assignments, it is important for you to be as flexible as possible and float to other units if necessary.

What is the average length of an assignment?

Most job actions are indefinite until the hospital reaches an agreement and require a two-week commitment with an option to extend. However, some job actions may last just a few days.

How many hours per week will I work during a job action?

Most assignments guarantee at least 48 hours of work. Nurses will need to be flexible in their work schedule, working overtime if necessary. Nurses must be available to work all seven (7) days each week. If the strike continues past two (2) weeks, nurses have the option to extend their commitment for this assignment. If, for some reason, you are available to work and the facility cancels you, you may still be paid for 48 hours of work. Most assignments offer standby pay, which is determined on a per-assignment basis. Overtime, which is typically time and one-half over 40 hours, may also apply. Please note that overtime regulations may vary based upon location.

How will I be informed of my schedule at a strike assignment?

Each job action site has an onsite U.S. Nursing Nurse Manager who will arrange schedules. Unless advised otherwise, you will need to check in daily with the onsite manager to view your schedule. All details about the assignment will be presented at orientation, which is typically a day prior to the strike start date.

How are nurses chosen for the strike?

It is our policy to place candidates who fit the job description and who have complete files on the schedule first.

Do you offer permanent placements at hospitals?

We do not offer permanent placement at facilities where we have staffed a job action.

Can I work both strike and travel assignments?

Yes. We encourage you to work both strike assignments and FASTAFF travel nursing assignments. Choosing to work a travel assignment between job actions also helps to ensure your benefits remain intact. If you start a FASTAFF travel assignment within 30 days upon completion of a strike assignment, you will receive a $500 bonus. Ask a strike team member for more details.

Compensation and Benefits

What do your strike assignments pay?

Each assignment has it's own pay rate, however, our minimum pay is $60 an hour. Assignment hourly pay is generally higher than travel assignment hourly pay due to the last minute need.

How often are you paid?

Pay periods are weekly, with the option of receiving a live check or a direct deposit.

Do I need to pay taxes in both states? (state in which I work and state in which I reside)

No, you are only obligated to pay taxes in the state you work in. Taxes will primarily be withheld in the state you work in, however, some complexities between the states may cause you to pay in your home state, or both. Seek the advice of a tax professional for more information.

Do you offer a 401(k) retirement plan?

Yes, we want to help our nurses plan for the future, so we offer the best 401(k) program in the industry.

401(k) Eligibility Conditions: You will be eligible to participate for purposes of matching contributions when you have completed one (1) Period of Service and have attained age 21.  However, you will actually participate in matching contributions once you reach the Entry Date.

Matching Contribution: The Employer may make a discretionary matching contribution equal to a uniform percentage or dollar amount of your elective deferrals each Plan Year.  Each year, the Employer will determine the formula for the discretionary matching contribution.

100% Vested Contributions: You are always 100% vested (which means that you are entitled to all of the amounts) in your accounts attributable to the following contributions:

  • Elective deferrals including catch-up contributions
  • Rollover contributions

Matching Contributions: Your "vested percentage" in your account attributable to matching contributions is determined under the following schedule. You will always, however, be 100% vested in your matching contributions if you are employed on or after your Normal Retirement Age or if you terminate employment on account of your death, or if you terminate employment as a result of becoming disabled. 

Vesting Schedule | Matching Contributions

Years of Service Percentage
Less than 1 0%
1 25%
2 50%
3 100%

2014 Contributions: Employee may contribute up to $17,500; Age 50 and over may contribute up to an additional $5,500.

Plan Administered By: Bank of Oklahoma Financial with a diverse selection of investment options.

* Company sponsored 401(k) and employee participation in program subject to ERISA guidelines

Do you offer license reimbursement?

On occasion, we have additional licensing programs available when we have special needs in various states. Check out our homepage for current licensing programs or ask a strike team member for details.

What is the definition of overtime?

In most cases, overtime is time-and-a-half times pay after 40 hours worked per week. California has specific overtime laws that that pay overtime after 8 hours worked per day. Ask a strike team member for details about a particular assignment. The FLSA states that overtime is to be at one and a half time normal pay rates after 40 hours worked in one week. California has specific wage hour regulations that state that one and a half times normal pay is to be paid after 8 hours worked in one day.

If I work a holiday am I paid at a higher rate that day?

Yes. The pay rate for holidays will vary per assignment. Please ask a strike team member for details. Holiday pay rates are 1.5 times the regular rate of pay for the hours worked on the holiday, in accordance with U.S. Nursing observed holidays.

What kind of bonus is offered at strike assignments?

U.S. Nursing offers $50 for showing up to the assignment. U.S. Nursing also offers $50 to every RN that hand carry's a complete file (consititution of a complete file is noted in the script). Also, depending on the assignment, U.S. Nursing will offer an early travel bonus.

Do you offer referral bonuses for bringing in new nurses?

Yes! We offer unlimited referral bonuses. For every nurse you refer who is not in our current database and completes a U.S. Nursing assignment, we'll pay you a minimum of $500 (in some cases more). Contact a strike team member for more details.

Travel and Housings

Who will make my travel and housing arrangements?


For your convenience, our Housing and Travel department coordinates air transportation to and from your assignment. When you accept the offer to take the assignment, U.S. Nursing will begin to book your travel arrangements. A representitive from U.S. Nursing will then call you back to inform you of your itinerary.


If you drive to your assignment, U.S. Nursing will calculate mileage based upon your home address. Using a pre-determined rate, you will be reimbursed for miles traveled on your first paycheck.

If you have any questions, please contact our Housing and Travel department at 800-726-8773 or email us at

Do you provide transportation from the hotel to the strike facility?

U.S. Nursing personnel will take you to and from work each shift at a job action; no personal vehicles are allowed to go to the hospital.

How far in advance do I need to arrive at an assignment before starting work?

Travel dates for each action will be indicated during the recruiting period.

Do you offer private or shared housing?

U.S. Nursing can only guarantee shared housing during strikes.

Can we supply our own housing at a strike?

Due to security reasons, and the possible need to be able to contact our nurses within a short period of time, we do not allow nurses to supply their own housing.

Can I room with a friend?

Please speak to a strike team member if you would like special rooming arrangements. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however, due to the nature of a job action this may not be available.

If I am a nonsmoker, will I be roomed with a smoker?

No, non-smokers will not be housed with a smoker.

Am I allowed to travel with my spouse, even if he/she is not working the assignment?

Since housing is often limited during a job action we do not house other family members or pets of any kind.