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News/A Strike Can Disrupt Patient Care and the Community—Let USN Help

A Strike Can Disrupt Patient Care and the Community—Let USN Help

September 8, 2023

Labor disruptions can have a massive impact on patient care and the surrounding community. That’s why, when your facility is preparing for an upcoming contract renewal or potential work stoppage, USN has one goal in mind: to help your facility negotiate from a position of strength. We provide full operational staffing, transportation, logistics, consultation and leadership so that patient care never suffers.

USN Provides Core Group of Healthcare Professionals

When facing an organized labor disruption, USN helps facilities by providing a core group of experienced healthcare professionals to ensure continuous and high-quality patient care throughout the work stoppage. Our team consists of experienced clinicians who are carefully screened and selected based on their credentials, skill set and experience. Moreover, they are all committed to delivering exceptional quality care to patients during this difficult time.

Full Operational Staffing & Logistics Support

In addition to our core group of healthcare professionals, USN provides comprehensive operational staffing support for all areas affected by the labor disruption. This includes nursing staff as well as support staff, including allied, home health and other departments that may be impacted by the action. We also provide full logistical support for transportation services to the site, including hotel and meal coordination.

Leadership & Consultation Services

At USN, we understand that labor disruptions can be challenging not only for staff, but also for administrators dealing with the situation at hand. That’s why we offer guidance through consulting services; we provide helpful advice on tactics that can be used throughout preparation and deployment of a labor disruption or contract renewal period. On top of that, we also provide leadership services so you can rest assured that your facility will stay organized during this trying time.

Labor issues often bring disruption to patient care and put strain on both medical staff and administrators alike. But with USN on your side, you don’t have to worry about being unprepared or overwhelmed by the task at hand; our team is here to help you negotiate from a position of strength while providing full operational staffing services along with leadership and consultation support. If you're looking for an experienced partner throughout preparation, deployment and management of a labor disruption, then turn to USN—we’re here for you.

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