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News/December 2023 Travelers Award Winner

December 2023 Travelers Award Winner

December 7, 2023


Aufre Campbell 



Number of Assignments with USN: 

Number of Years with USN: 

9 months 

Type of Award Won:

Daisy Award (Twice)

Why do you love working with USN?

I am truly able to thrive as a nurse and provide the best care for my patients while working for US Nursing. Their focus is on providing quality care to patients and they only collaborate with the best facilities.

What was your experience around winning this award?

It was a very emotional experience! An experience that I was able to share with my coworkers, hospital staff and management. This award is one of the most prestigious awards a nurse can receive and the fact that a family member, whom I only encountered while working as a strike nurse at Los Robles Medical Center, thought enough of me to show their gratitude. Honestly, every time I go to work in a new facility, I have fear from the unknown. I usually immediately want to establish a great rapport with staff, patients, and family members if they are present.

What does winning this award mean to you?

This award recognizes nurses who provide exceptional are to individuals while hospitalized who goes above and beyond the call of duty while delivering high-quality and compassionate care. I look at this as I am just doing my job.

How do you feel traveling with USN prepared you for your award-winning assignment?

Winning this award means shows that I exemplify extraordinary courage, compassion, and integrity in every situation. Working with different patients and populations can be frightening, but USNursing has collaborated with Ingenovis to provide resources that help me stay prepared. They also have qualified staff members on site to assist if I have any questions.

How do you think having won this award will impact your travel career?

I hope this award will open new adventures for me with US Nursing. I honestly feel like I am ready to help nurse deliver compassionate and extraordinary care on the administrative side.

How have you accomplished other personal and/or professional goals by traveling with USN?

Traveling with US Nursing has allowed me to accomplish personal and professional goals. First, going to work in states I never would have imagined going to. Second, working in a culturally and diverse setting. Lastly, keeping me focused and grounded as to why I signed up for the job.

What is your greatest achievement as it relates to being a healthcare professional?

Many would say obtaining their degree has been their greatest achievement, but for me it’s taking on new assignments, responsibilities, and providing care to those in need.

What is a bit of advice you'd give to your fellow healthcare professionals?

I would encourage them to do a self-assessment before committing to an assignment. Do not present problems or complain without a solution. Always wear a smile on your face. If you make a mistake, own it and move on. Do not blame others, learn from your mistakes, and take responsibility!

In conclusion, US Nursing has provided me with a career far from what I could have ever imagined.

In solidarity,

Aufre Campbell

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