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News/Are Strike Nurses Scabs? U.S. Nursing Sets the Record Straight

Are Strike Nurses Scabs? U.S. Nursing Sets the Record Straight

August 26, 2023

The Scab Legacy: Uncovering the Roots 

The term “scab” is no newcomer to the workforce and labor rights world. Its origins can be traced back to as early as 1250, evolving from a reference to diseases of the skin to an Old English insult associated with contempt and dishonor. In the labor context, it evolved in the 18th century to identify those who wouldn’t participate in strikes or unions. But is it an appropriate label for our healthcare professionals today? 


Are Strike Nurses Scabs? A Resounding No 

Strike Nurses are not “scabs.” They are not a temporary cover-up for an underlying issue. They are committed, empathetic healthcare professionals who step up to ensure that patients continue to receive the essential care they need when staffed nurses are fighting for their worker's rights. 


These essential healthcare professionals provide a vital lifeline, helping hospitals and healthcare facilities maintain a seamless flow of patient care during some of the most challenging and complex times. 


Changing the Conversation: The Polarization of Strike Nursing 

The term "scab nurse" has brought about a polarity of opinions and sparked heated debates across social media platforms, workplaces, and the nursing community. While some view working during a strike as betrayal, others recognize these nurses' vital role in safeguarding patient well-being. 

This topic's complexity and emotionally charged nature calls for a reframing of the narrative. Instead of vilifying those who choose to work during strikes, we must highlight their professionalism, dedication and crucial role in ensuring continuity of care. 


U.S. Nursing: Pioneering Excellence 

At U.S. Nursing, we recognize the intricacies and emotions involved in strike nursing. As a leader in strike nurse staffing, we are committed to ensuring that hospitals run smoothly even during strikes. We are the #1 choice for finding job action opportunities, delivering expertly matched staffing solutions that prioritize the needs of both nurses and patients. 


How Can You Help? 


By Choosing U.S. Nursing for Your Next Strike Assignment, You're Contributing to a Positive Change That Supports Nurses and Ensures the Continuity of Quality Patient Care. 


  • Support Nurses: Understand their struggle and back ethical staffing and pay policies. 

  • Ensure Quality Care: Trust U.S. Nursing’s expertise to keep hospitals running seamlessly during strikes. 

  • Build a Better Future: Stand together to create a healthcare system that values and respects everyone. 

 U.S. Nursing: We Stand With You 

We understand that the decisions surrounding strike nursing are not made lightly. At U.S. Nursing, we believe in your passion for patient care and your dedication to professionalism. Whether you're an experienced strike nurse or curious to explore new horizons, we're here to guide and support you. 


Embrace the challenge, enhance your skills, and make a difference when it matters most. 


Join Us Now at U.S. Nursing, and Be a Part of the Positive Change 

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