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News/On the Frontlines: Why Do Nurses Strike?

On the Frontlines: Why Do Nurses Strike?

August 29, 2023

Strikes among nurses have surged in recent years, and the reasons are more complicated than you may realize. The incredible individuals who make up nursing aren't striking without cause. They're standing up for their rights, well-being, and, most importantly, their patients. 

At U.S. Nursing (USN), we know firsthand the complexities of strikes and their emotional toll on everyone involved. That's why we're here, making sure hospital operations run smoothly even during these difficult times.  Understanding Why Nurses Strike 

  1. Understaffing: Nurses are overburdened and overwhelmed. Handling up to 20 patients at a time is not uncommon. Imagine a situation where you work on top of one another and waiting times stretch into hours. That's the reality for many nurses today. 

  2. Exhaustion and Burnout: The relentless pace, combined with long hours and emotionally draining work, has led to dehydration, exhaustion and even nurses admitting themselves to emergency rooms. 

  3. Inadequate Support and Pay: Despite nurses' critical role, many feel undervalued. They grapple with guilt and sleepless nights over patient care, sometimes wondering if their dedication and hard work are being truly acknowledged.  

 How Can You Be a Part of the Solution? Choose USN for your next strike assignment. With us, you're not just addressing the symptoms but contributing to a positive outcome for both the people on strike and the hospitals.  

Together, we can: 
  • Support Nurses: By understanding their plight and supporting ethical staffing and pay policies. 

  • Ensure Quality Care: With USN's expertise, hospitals can continue to provide excellent care even during a strike. 

  • Build a Better Future: By standing together, we can create a healthcare system that values everyone. 

Let USN Help You Thrive. 

The time for action is now.  Contact USN today 

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