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What Are Strike Assignments? | What You Need to Know.

August 8, 2023

In the healthcare industry, unpredictability is the only constant, and nurses must adapt in this forever-changing environment. One such area in nursing is strike assignments or job actions. Suppose you've heard of these, but need clarification on what they are. No worries, U.S. Nursing, an ally in your healthcare career, is here to walk you through this exciting yet challenging field. 


What are Strike Assignments? 

Strike assignments are unique, time-sensitive roles that nurses take during labor disputes or strikes in healthcare. Imagine the nurses at a hospital aren't happy with their bosses over things like pay or work conditions, so they decide to go on strike. The hospital still has patients who need care, right? That's where strike nurses like you step in. 

These assignments can occur anywhere in the country, often on short notice, and can last for varying lengths, depending on the strike’s duration. During this period, strike nurses answer the call, providing crucial patient care and services. It’s fast, it’s challenging, but it’s also super rewarding. 


What Makes Strike Assignments Unique? 

Compared to regular travel nursing or stationary nursing roles, strike assignments can be unpredictable. Once committed to a strike, you may receive a call at any moment and must be prepared to hit the ground running. You’ll learn a lot as you go, and it might be chaotic, but you’re doing something truly special.  

Despite the chaos, strike nursing is a needed service, and you are a part of this essential chain. Your role in making sure the healthcare facility stays operational during a labor dispute is crucial and highly valued.

Why Be a Strike Nurse with U.S. Nursing? 

As a strike nurse with USN, your contribution goes beyond bridging the temporary nursing gap.   And your rewards reflect this: 

  1. Premium Pay: As a strike nurse, you're often compensated the highest in the industry, with all expenses paid and premium rates offered. Fastaff also ensures guaranteed pay, meaning you get compensated for a set number of days, even if the strike gets canceled. 

  2. Professional Development: Strike assignments provide an opportunity to expand your skill set. The hands-on experience you gain here is unparalleled, making you a stronger, more resourceful nurse. 

  3. Transparency: At U.S. Nursing, we stand by our promise to provide clear agreements and full transparency throughout the entire process. 

 Making the Decision  Strike nursing can be polarizing, and it's essential you make an informed decision. Do your research. Be prepared for the demanding work hours and understand what you're signing up for. Ensure your well-being, both mental and physical, is a priority.  

Being a strike nurse can expose you to some harsh realities, but it also allows you to make a significant impact where it's needed the most. 

Think You Have What It Takes?  

Join our team of dedicated, passionate and resourceful nurses today.  Click here to learn more about these exceptional job opportunities U.S. Nursing has to offer. 

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