License Information

Licensing Programs 

  • Massachusetts Licensing Program Details - U.S. Nursing will reimburse your Massachusetts licensing fee up to $350 and support you through the process when you apply for a NEW Massachusetts license October 14 – November 4, 2021. This program is based on specific nursing specialties only – see list of qualified specialties before applying. 

U.S. Nursing periodically offers licensing programs to help nurses become licensed in certain states. Our programs help nurses, both financially and in saving time, to receive their state license. To ensure you take advantage of U.S. Nursing’s assistance, be sure to send materials back for processing as quickly as possible, as licensing programs can end abruptly. If you have further questions about our licensing programs, please contact a strike team member at (800) 726-8773.


Suggested Licenses

All nurses must possess a current license and be prepared to present a copy at the labor disputes’ orientation session. Nurses with current licenses at the time of staffing a labor dispute will be considered over those without current licensure.

Based on our current forecast, we suggest you possess licenses in the following states:

  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey*

* If you are ever interested in working in New Jersey, we suggest that you look into obtaining the license sooner rather than later due to the extensive licensing process.