License Information

Licensing Programs 

U.S. Nursing periodically offers licensing programs to help clinicians become licensed in certain states. Our programs help clinicians with step-by-step directions for licensure and cost reimbursement, expanding the clinician’s professional development and capacity of care.

This licensing program implemented by U.S. Nursing protects and assures our clients have access to a large pool of actively licensed clinicians for any labor disputes that could actualize. The program is managed and tracked by U.S. Nursing to assure continuity of care in hard to license states, or states with less crisis activity.

To ensure you take advantage of U.S. Nursing’s assistance, be sure to send materials back for processing as quickly as possible, as licensing programs can end abruptly. If you have further questions about our licensing programs, please contact a strike team member at (800) 726-8773.


Suggested Licenses

All clinicians must possess appropriate licensure to be submitted into a client project. If you are an applicant currently in the above-mentioned licensing program, U.S. Nursing will work with you to get your license complete, and then once active your application can be submitted to the job action.

Based on historical data, we suggest you possess licenses in the following states:

  • California
  • Washington
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Pennsylvania